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         Crew Manning is a milestone for maritime commercial shipping. It is a right solution for Ship Owners and Ship Managers which can help in hiring local seamen without wasting time and resources on recruitment process. As to our location we offer Ukrainian seafarers who are officially among the top five nationalities in the world merchant fleet crew supply. 

         Based on common requirements, we propose next scheme of a manning process. Furthermore, we are open for implantation of additional operations which could fulfil your crew requirements

Crew manning scheme ed3.png

Additional Services

         Also, we can offer you additional services which could be implemented according to your preferences. 

  • Travel Arrangements
    Arrangement transportation of a crew to a place of embarkation and back after disembarkation.

  • Visa arrangement
    Arrangement a procedure of obtaining of visas in local Consulates.

  • Consultation
    Providing consultations with crew planning, market salaries,  international payroll, etc. 

Talent Pool

         According to our database of seamen we can offer you following seagoing roles for any types of vessels.  

Deck Department

  • Captain/ Master

  • Chief Officer/ First Mate

  • Second Officer/Second Mate

  • Third Officer/Third Mate

  • Boatswain

  • Able Seaman

  • Ordinary Seaman

  • Deck Cadet


  • Welders (any type of welding)

  • Steel Fitter

  • Pipe Fitter

  • Hydraulic Engineers

  • E/R & Deck Machinery Mechanic

  • M/E & D/G Mechanic

  • Electrical & Electronic Engineers

  • Cleaners, Blasters & Painters

Engine Department

  • Chief Engineer

  • Second Engineer

  • Third Engineer

  • Fourth Engineer

  • Electro Technical Officer (ETO)

  • Oiler

  • Wiper

  • Fitter / Welder

  • Engine Cadet 

Catering & Housekeeping  Department

  • Cook

  • Messman 

  • Waiter/Waitress

  • Bartender 

  • Bar Steward/Stewardess

  • Steward/Stewardess

  • Cleaner


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