Shipbuilding and ship repairing sector takes important part in maritime industry. But unfortunately Shipyards and Shipbuilding / Ship repairing companies frequently face with skilled manual workers shortage. Consequently that creates issues in further increasing scale of production and business developing in general. 

Talent Pool

         According to our talent pool we can provide following workers for your ship repairing and shipbuilding projects. Workers are selected with meticulous attention to your requirements and company policy.

  • Foremen

  • Welders (MIG, MAG, TIG)

  • Hull Fitters

  • Pipe Fitters

  • Grinders

  • Painters 

  • Scaffolder

Recruitment Process

         Our recruitment process is based on accurate verification of candidates’ abilities to conduct specific work according to job description and physical / mental health. Consequently, that is minimizing your risks of obtaining inappropriate candidate. To understand our recruitment process please check the recruitment stages below. 

Stage 1 - Shortlisting

         After receiving requirements for future worker(s) we make accurate shortlisting of all candidates from our talent pool, who can fit to your requirements. 

Stage 2 - Interview and Additional Check-Ups

         All candidates, who was shortlisted, are carried out interviews with additional check-ups, which include: 

  • Documents check-ups;

  • Medical examination with alcohol / drug test;

  • Professional skills examination. 

         We check all documents of candidate according to your requirements and support in obtaining any required documents for your vacancy.

         To minimize risks of manufacturing injuries we provide a certified medical examination which identify any health problems in candidate

         To be certain in a qualification level of each candidates we provide examination in our workshop. 

Stage 3 - Selection

         After realization of all examination procedures and identifying qualification level and physical / mental health we select a candidate who will completely fit to your vacancy. And after approval from you we provide necessary assistance in preparation a candidate for work and transportation to place of work.  

Additional Services

         To optimize whole process of workforce supplying we advise you to learn our additional services. Which could be implemented according to your requirements. 

  • Visa arrangement
    Arrangement a procedure of obtaining of visa in local Embassies.

  • Travel Arrangements
    Arrangement transportation of workers to place of employment.

  • Consultation
    Providing any consultation in HR management, market salaries analyzation, international payroll. 


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